Which picture sizes are available?


1. Leftclick on any thumbnail-picture, in „image-files" or in lightbox-view, and you will see the preview of that picture with text-buttons in the righthand frame.

2. Click on „Buy Image""

now you will see the available licence and size class, however sizes above XS will be visible to logged-in users only.

A click on the "i"-Symbol produces a Pop-Up-window with more Information

3. Clicking on "next" oder "previous" lets you page forward or backward within this same viewing mode.

Please note: This stage will not produce an order yet. That will only be started when you select a picture, put it into your cart, go to the cart page where you click on the button „Checkout".

How can I buy a licence?


We allow licencing to unregistered users for picture sizes XXXS, XXS and XS, for higher resolutions only to logged-in ( = registered ) users..

The steps are always as described here:

1. Select your picture

2. Buy Image

(by click on respective button)

Available licences are shown, for pictures above size XS only to logged-in users.

Put into Cart (button!)

3. Goto Cart

. Here you can review your order

4. Checkout

(the form "Contact Details" will show the data of registered users already, unregistered buyers please input your details)

In the form „Order Processing" you choose your payment method,

agree to our terms and conditions, which you can read by clicking onto the blue marked „read" and then

click the button "Proceed" , which carries you to the SUMMARY-page.

5. Pay:

Your order will be finally dispatched with your click on the button „Buy now".

In payment modes "PayPal" and "SofortÜberweisung§ this will start the respective payment procedure instantly.

6. Confirmation

: After your payment you will see the message "Thank you!". At the same time your cart will be emptied. A blue marked link enables you to download your orderes file(s) directly


Additionally you will receive an email-message with your link to your picture download.If you click on that link, you will see a page with „Images ready for download", Here you do not need to login, you can download you files rigth away.

Can I get the images on CDROM instead of download?


We burn your data on CDROM, but only if total data volume exceeds 50 MB. We ask for an additional fee of EUR 10,00 covering work,package and shipment. Delivery time will be 2-4 days within Germany, up to 30 days abroad.

May I also get other formats than JPEG?


All images available by download are in JPEG-Format. Our stock carries also TIFF-, CR2- or DNG-Data. Please ask us using the contakt form.

Your picture size chart only shows rectangular sizes, how about square pictures?


When talking about picture size, we refer to the long side, i.e.. for landscape format this is the width. Square pictures are equally (or almost equally) wide and high, thus higher than the rectangle of the same size class..



May I buy exclusive rights?



Yes, because we mainly offer „rights managed" pictures. The standard prices, which may look like RF-prices on the first glance, are meant for general editorial use, limited to one year. If you plan special usage (commercial products, commercials, etc.) or exclusive use, we recommend to register and order with payment by invoice. In the remarks on your order you need to describe your planned use so we can calculate your final licence fee. A one-year exclusive licence for instance is available for 100% surcharge.

In less urgent cases, we recommend to send us a request via our contact form where you describe your palnned use.



If the final print size is smaller than the picture size I originally had downloaded and paid for, will I get a credit?

 Yes. If you are a registered user and send us a complentary copy of your product, we recalculate the licence-fee according to the effective print size.

The balance credit on your account can be used for your next download(s).